Damn you Diefenbaker. I promise to do a more in depth post about Diefenbaker and the cancelling of the Avro Arrow program. That said, were hear on a different note today. So, as you may know I have a little bit of an obsession with the military industrial complexes of our world. Although, its not really fair to put the Avro Arrow up against a post modern fighter, It would do a much better job at protecting Canadian sovereignty then any modern fighter ever could. Now the F-35 and the JXX, Well lets just say that I have a feeling that the Peoples Liberation Army might just have the upper hand here. I don’t think we know so little about this plane because its harmless. China has dreamed of making a fifth generation strike fighter on home soil. The JXX is the completion of this dream. These super fighter have the Avro Arrow to thank, the idea of fly by wire, and mach speeds. It was our country that lead this dream of flight. If only our Canadian ideals of peace, and security through respect, could have been realized over the skies of the world.