Ohhhh the beauty of racing. I have always held a special place for auto racing games. I can think back to playing Gran Turismo one on Play Station in 1999. Then slowly moving up the Turismo ladder, two, three, and four. Then jumping over to the world of XBox, I picked up Forza three. Instantly I was in love. Although, very similar is several aspects to Gran Turismo. Forza challenges you to hit every apex, make the perfect pass, reach for driving excellence. Combined that with an extensive car collection, and added top gear content, its a very complete experience. As video games change so frequently, I find comfort in the fact that for over ten years, I have been driving super cars down the cork screw at Laguna Seca raceway. Or battling around the Nürburgring ring searching for the final straightaway. Just now its in a 2011 Ferrari 458 in HD.