Ohh the battle of the game stations. This has been going on for sometime. Its pretty clear that Sony, and their PlayStation have figured out this world. Microsoft’s XBox is really, the best thing that Microsoft makes, and it has its moments. The Play Station is for sure the better system. Sony went for “Blue Ray” from day one, whereas, Microsoft tried unsuccessfully with “HDDVD”. Also if you are an online gamer Sony welcomes you with open arms, Microsoft sees this as another opportunity to get at your wallet,  you pay different values for a Silver or Gold membership to “XBox Live”. This takes me into a section of the new video game market that really angers me. The “Online Marketplace” everywhere in games they want you to keep paying for these games. From more in game content, to charges just to play the game with others online. Its starting to make we wonders if videos games are to played hanging out with some mates. Or only alone, with some virtual mates online. So, if your looking at getting a new game system, do some research into what games you want, and go from there.