Atlanta Georgia is called Hot-lanta for a reason. It may be due to the 1996 Olympic game, perhaps because of several rappers. I think its because of Sid Mashburn. What may just be the hypest menswear store in North America. The style is very cohesive, a little English gentlemen, meets Italian playboy. Below is an excerpt from Sid Mashbur mission statement:

“Years ago there was a surfeit of men’s specialty clothing stores — shops that were part fraternity house and part museum with a heavy dose of English gentleman’s club. The salesmen, smelling of a mix of tobacco, peppermint and aftershave, were a cross between a concierge, a next-door neighbour and a professor who was in the know about everything — from cars to books to sports to music.

Though their mission was to help a man dress, they offered more than rules. You were taught how to feel comfortable in your own skin and introduced to skills that would serve you well for your entire life — how to tie a tie, where your pants should break and how to dress for certain occasions. This wasn’t just a shopping trip — these were rituals being handed down by keepers of the grail — people who were confidantes, offering advice without judging.

Our inspiration draws from Gordon Parks and Steve McQueen, from Charlie Feathers to Belle & Sebastian, from the 1971 BMW 3.0CS to the BMW 5 diesel station wagon — a fresh interpretation of old standards.”

Visit the Sid Mashburn online store (here)